NCCDD Council Members

Today, the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities is a 40-member, governor-appointed body and 60 percent of its members are people with developmental disabilities or family members of people with disabilities.

If you are interested in applying for membership on the Council, two application forms need to be completed.  Application Form 1 is available online / pdf / doc format.

Additionally, the North Carolina Governor has issued an executive order for “Enhanced Disclosures from Applicants to Boards and Commissions” pdf / doc and an application form 2 pdf must be completed and sent to the Office of the Governor.

Feel free to view available Council packet materials individually (below) for the November 2013 meeting and the Member Handbook. You can also download the full Council Packet (pdf).

Council Agenda- Nov.
| (pdf)

Exec. Comm. Minutes- Sept.
(doc) | (pdf)

Systems Change Comm. Agenda
(doc) | (pdf)

Staff on call
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Committee Assignments
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Sibling Support - Authority to Draft
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Exec. Comm. minutes- Oct.
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Community Capacity Committee Agenda
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Birthdays and Anniversaries
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Council Meeting Minutes-Aug.
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Systems Change Comm. Minutes-Aug
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Public Policy Update (pdf)

Full Council Packet (pdf)



To open and/or save materials, click to open or right click and choose "save target as." Adobe Reader is free for viewing pdf files.

Councilmembers are encouraged to take our survey to give your feedback after the November 2013 meeting.

Council Survey


Meet two NC Councilmembers (video)



Carrie Ambrose Caroline "Carrie" Ambrose, Wake County, NCCDD Committee Chair, Self-Advocate
kellyBeauchamp Kelly Beauchamp, Wake County, Self-Advocate
amandabergen Amanda Bergen, Mecklenburg County, Parent-Advocate
Crystal Bowe Crystal Bowe, Forsyth County, NCCDD Vice Chair, Parent-Advocate
wayneblack Wayne Black, Wake County, Director of Division of Social Services, Representative of DHHS
Robert "Rusty" Bradstock Robert "Rusty" Bradstock, Guilford County, Self-Advocate
Adonis Brown Adonis Brown, Durham County, NCCDD Vice Chair, Self-Advocate
Lisa Byrd Lisa Byrd, Durham County, Self-Advocate
John Carbone John Carbone, Wake County, Director of Mental Health Services, Representative of Department of Public Safety- Division of Prisons
ccarter Christina Carter, Buncombe County, COO Smoky Mountain Center, Representative of Non Profit group concerned with services to I/DD programs
Eric Chavis Eric Chavis, Guilford County, Self-Advocate
robincummings_medassistance Robin Cummings, Wake County, Deputy Secretary of Health Services, Representative of Division of Medical Assistance
Anna Cunningham Anna Cunningham, Wake County, NCCDD Secretary/Treasurer, Parent-Advocate
Kerri Bennett Eaker Kerri Bennett Eaker, Buncombe County, Parent-Advocate
Lourdes Fernandez Lourdes M. Fernandez, Wake County, Parent-Advocate
Wilson Finks Wilson Finks, Orange County, Self-Advocate
Crystal Crystal Lee Foreman, Wake County, Self-Advocate
Mike Groves Michael Groves, Harnett County, Self-Advocate
wmhussey William Hussey, Wake County, Director of Exceptional Children, Representative of Department of Public Instruction 
Rep. Verla C. Insko State Rep. Verla C. Insko, Orange County,
Representative of the NC House of Representatives
Renate Macchirole Renate Macchirole, Dare County, Representative of Public at Large
Sam Miller Samuel Miller, Guilford County, NCCDD Committee Chair, Parent-Advocate
drwingng Wing Ng M.D., Wake County, Parent-Advocate
Desiree Peterson Desiree Peterson, Wake County, Self-Advocate
Joseph Piven Joseph Piven, Orange County, Carolina Institute on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (CIIDD), Representative of University Center on Excellence
Ron Reeve Ron Reeve, Mecklenburg County, Chairman, NCCDD, Parent-Advocate
I. Azell Reeves I. Azell Reeves, Guilford County, NCCDD Committee Chair, Parent-Advocate
Dave Richard Dave Richard, Wake, Division of MH, DD, SAS, Representative of DHHS
  Kevin Ryan, Wake County, Chief of Women's and Children"s Health, Division of Public Health, Representative of Women's and Children's Health
Vicki Smith Vicki Smith, Wake County, Executive Director Disability Rights North Carolina, Representative of State Protection and Advocacy Agency
dstreets Dennis Streets, Wake County, Director of Aging, Representative of the NC Division of Aging
peggyterhune Peggy Terhune, Stanly County, CEO Monarch, Representative of Local Non Governmental Agency
SenatorTucker State Senator Tommy Tucker, Union County, Representative of NC Senate
davidwhite David White, Wake County, Parent-Advocate
Aldona Wos Aldona Wos, Wake County, Secretary of DHHS, Representative of designated state agency
  Vacant Position 5- Individual with developmental disability
  Vacant Position 10- Individual with developmental disability
  Vacant Position 14- Individual with developmental disability/immediate relative or guardian/parent
  Vacant Position 36- Representative of DHHS