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We Want Your Ideas!

NCCDD welcomes new, innovative ideas to help accomplish the Council’s goals to improve financial stability for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families, expand community living opportunities and strengthen advocacy in the area of I/DD (See Five Year Plan).

Submit your idea by filling out the form below. The Council will consider all ideas that are received and will initiate the appropriate steps for procurement and contracting if it is determined that implementation of the submission would help accomplish the Council’s goals and objectives.

Explain the issue you have identified and how it will be addressed in your idea for an initiative.
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Put a check mark by one of the 3 goals in the NCCDD 5-year plan that this issue falls under

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What activities and work needs to be done to address this issue.
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Describe the qualifications you think an organization needs to address this issue and how the work of the initiative can be sustained beyond the initial grant. The Council may provide funding through contracting with qualified organizations. The Council encourages partnerships, collaboration, and a clear path to sustainability beyond the initial funding.
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What kind of resources or support might be needed to help accomplish this idea?
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What is the expected timeline to accomplish this idea?
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How do you measure success for your idea and what type of change do you expect as a result of this initiative?
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You can add articles, research documents or further explanations or supporting documentation by clicking the BROWSE button below. (Limit 2MB)
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To complete your submission, you must provide contact information below and hit the Agreed to and SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. If the Council has further interest in your submission, you will be contacted.

Thank you for your interest.

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Check here if you want to be notified of future RFAs (request for applications) offered by the Council
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Submission of proposed ideas does not guarantee funding or exclude other organizations from competing for the RFA if one is extended by the Council. Upon submission, the proposed idea or concept becomes the intellectual property of the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities.


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