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General Sources of Disability Information

A comprehensive list of area organizations serving people with developmental disabilities. Site links and general descriptions are offered. (pdf / doc)


Below is a glossary of terms relating to People First language:

A-C / D-H / I-M / N-T / U-Z

Below are the terms often used in the disability community.

A-C / D-H / I-M / N-T / U-Z


Communication is difficult when abbreviations and acronyms are used too frequently with people unfamiliar with the field of developmental disabilities. Here are many of those that relate to North Carolina services and organizations.

General Abbreviations and Acronyms
Government Agencies and Entities
Advocacy and General Organizations
University Affiliated Organizations


Important documents in the field of developmental disabilities


Hello to You and Hello to You II

Past and Incoming Council Chairmen talk about accomplishments/future

Rossi Fund

'People First' Webinar

'Seeing is Believing'

'Self Determination Is...'

'Money Follows the Person' series

'Partnering for People' Partners in Policymaking

Rossi Fund




Related forms for general Council activities, quality reports and budget reports.




A list of available guides linking you to a variety of information and resources.