Grant Awards

The North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities is responsible for causing change so people with developmental disabilities and their families participate in the design of and have access to culturally competent services and supports, as well as other assistance and opportunities, which promote inclusive communities. This is achieved through the distribution of nearly $1.9 million in federal funds for projects and activities to a wide variety of grantees. Most funds are given out competitively in response to "Requests for Applications" (RFAs). The Council reviews the implementation plan and publishes the awards at least once a year. Limited funding is available on a non-competitive basis.

The Council's sole purpose is to advance the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities (see Five Year Plan / Spanish PDF) which is often the underlying basis for distribution of RFA funds:

(NOTE: use the attached pdf & doc, NCCDD Conf. Funding Request form): For conference funding, please complete the
request form (pdf) / (doc). The pdf form can be filled out, saved and sent. You may need to right click or click hold and select "save link" to open it properly in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Current Partnerships

Contracts for specific projects.

Current Requests for Application

NC ADA Fiscal Agent RFA Click here for details.

Required Match

Council funded initiatives require a match of 25% of the total bid per federal requirement.

A matching requirement may be satisfied by either or both of the following: (1) Allowable costs incurred by the contractor, subcontractor or a cost-type contractor under this contract. This includes allowable costs borne by non-Federal grants or by other cash donations from non-Federal third parties; (2) The value of third party in-kind contributions applicable to the period to which the cost sharing or matching requirements applies

The amount of the match required by the contractor can be calculated as follows:

To automatically calculate your required match, take a look at the "Calculating a Federal Grant Match" tool in Excel format.

Conference speaker Funding - advancing Council goals by sponsoring presentations at conferences. -Learn more-

Rossi Fund for Participant Involvement - Funds are available for individuals with I/DD to reimburse specific expenses for seminars and conferences. -Learn more-