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  Ron Reeve, Chair of the North
Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities

The Council plays a very important role not only in North Carolina, but in every state in the country. Every state has a council on developmental disabilities with the basic mission to improve the lives of those people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. NCCDD receives a grant from the federal government each year to initiate projects and activities, as well as communicate with others, to foster change and bring about more self-sufficiency for the people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Grant Awards – Guided by a Five Year Plan (English PDF/Spanish PDF), the Council awards grants to further specific initiatives that would enlarge opportunities and enhance supports and community inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Requests for Application are posted twice a year to stimulate well founded projects and to invite competitive bidding.

After a careful review process, grants are awarded to contractors to accomplish projects with specific objectives. Each contractor is required to complete quarterly and annual reports to fulfill the Council's commitment to progress measurement and continuous improvement.

Advancing Strong Leadership in Developmental Disabilities - a three year program created to develop leadership skills and a depth of knowledge for 26 young North Carolina professionals in the field of developmental disabilities, announces four half-day workshops created for Advancing Strong Leadership and open to the general public. 

Indepth Policy Analysis – Studies over three to five years are conducted around specific policy issues related to the Council's Five Year Plan. Findings are compiled in a report which is distributed widely.

Partners in Policymaking – This eight-month program is designed for parents who have young children with developmental disabilities and individuals with developmental disabilities over age 18 who seek to gain self-advocacy skills. All learn advocacy techniques and gain a better understanding of the laws and policies that apply to people with developmental disabilities.

Jean Wolff-Rossi Fund for Participant Involvement – Funds are available for individuals with I/DD to reimburse specific expenses for seminars and conferences.  These events will be deemed to improve the individual's knowledge, networking and skill levels for self advocacy, to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities. The Rossi Fund Advisory Committee makes all decisions. Applicants receiving the funds will be asked to complete a Rossi Fund Participant survey and are expected to share their knowledge with the local community and the Council.

Hefner Award – Annually, the Council welcomes nominations for the Jack B. Hefner Memorial Award, an honor bestowed on someone who has been outstanding in contributing to the well being of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These accomplished people have demonstrated their commitment over time and have been an inspiration to others.