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LUMBERTON — When 27-year-old Austina Dykes saw she could receive job training at a hospital, she knew she had to take advantage of the opportunity for her daughter.

But this training was unlike any other — it provided young adults like Dykes who have intellectual and developmental disabilities training t...

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Five days a week this school year, seven young people from all seven public high schools in Durham who have completed their high school course work are interning at Duke Regional Hospital, rotating through departments to develop skills to prepare them for local jobs. The students all have intellectual and developmen...

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Jennine Vlasaty's 8-year-old son Nickolas was born with Down syndrome. For most of his schooling, he was able to attend typical elementary classes and interact with his peers. But in the last two years, Nickolas has been pulled out increasingly for special
education classes. His mom witnessed him falling furthe...

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Sessions allow disabled to advocate for their needs

The Daily Reflector

Cerebral Palsy might have left Tommy Cloyd with some bad legs, but it never has stopped him from leaping over barriers to achieve a full and independent life. Cloyd, 44, was among...

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