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Woman walking side-by-side with woman with disabilities in a wheelchair discussing an issue.Inclusive workplaces bring new perspectives to organization.

Employee Job Placement Services

Specially trained North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation (NCVR) counselors are located in offices across the state to help people with disabilities prepare for today’s competitive job market. Services include:

Pre-employment Transition: Resume development, interview preparation, aptitude assessments, job coaching and access to training opportunities are provided to assist in your job search.

School to Life: In partnership with local schools, NCVR helps students transition successfully from school life to a job, career or post-secondary educational opportunities. These services help people with disabilities find or keep a job that is compatible with their skills and interests.

Rehabilitation Engineering: NCVR engineers consult with employees and employers to remove architectural barriers to accommodate employees with disabilities in the workplace. This may include adaptive computer access, augmented communications, seating/mobility solutions and home, vehicle and worksite modifications.

On-the-Job Support: Once on the job, NCVR counselors concentrate on keeping people employed through job coaching, supported employment and adjustment activities.

All NCVR offices are dedicated to providing training, coaching and on-the-job supports to ensure that talented candidates with disabilities are job-ready and successful.

For more information, contact your local NCVR office or visit their website at ncdhhs.gov/divisions/dvrs







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