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Why is NCCDD funding this initiative?Goal 2 of the new Five Year Plan: Increase community living for individuals with I/DD.

  • The unemployment rate for persons with a disability, at 12.6 percent in 2020, increased by 5.3 percentage points from the previous year. Their jobless rate continued to be much higher than the rate for those without a disability.
  • Jobs are truly life-changing events for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A job can make a huge difference in their lives and dramatically improve their lifestyle and standard of living over their lifetime.
  • Misconceptions can stand as major barriers to job opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What are the major goals and objectives?

  • Develop a standardized, core curriculum that will be customized to address the needs of employers in NC about how recruit, hire and retain people with developmental disabilities.
  • Increase access to a unique pool of potential employees with a diversity of skills who are eager, reliable and committed to succeeding in a competitive, integrated workforce.
  • Provide education and strategies for employers to create inclusive work environments
  • Investment by the NCCDD could be a short term initiative beginning in March 2022.

What activities will this initiative set out to do?

  • Develop a series of online webinars targeting employers who are interested in learning how to recruit, hire, and retain qualified applicants with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • Develop a training curriculum in collaboration with employment focused state agencies (e.g. Chambers of Commerce, DVRS)
  • Help employers craft job descriptions that highlight the strengths of individuals with I/DD
  • Contractor will maintain a database of employers who have completed the curriculum as a resource to the community of employers who are prepared to appropriately support employees with I/DD.

What has been achieved to date?

  • The Working Together campaign in Louisiana has successfully developed a training curriculum and webinar series specific to their state.
  • Webinars were well attended and helped inform employers in different areas of their state on the importance and benefits of recruiting and hiring individuals with developmental disabilities.

What long-term changes are expected as a result of this initiative?

  • Build on the momentum of Employment First in NC and the success of the Employment and Transition webinars offered by the NCCDD from April until September 2022 

How can I get involved? 

Contact Tamira White, Systems Change Manager, [email protected] for more information on becoming involved in one or more of the above elements.

Who can I contact for questions?

NCCDD: Tamira White, Systems Change Manager, [email protected]


Additional Resources

Click here to download a pdf of the new initiative: Employer Virtual Forum








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This project was supported, in part by grant number 2001NCSCDD-02, from the U.S. Administration for Community Living, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. 20201. Grantees undertaking projects with government sponsorship are encouraged to express freely their findings and conclusions. Points of view or opinions do not, therefore, necessarily represent official ACL policy.

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